Company Profile

Leben Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. inherits the glorious past of 35 years as Leben Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Leben is a German synonym for “Life”. The vision & values of Leben Life Sciences are well reflected in its logo, wherein the alphabet “L” is shown as a hand with fingers and leaves; portrayed as a trunk of tree with branches and colorful bursting leaves.

While the trunk of tree with branches reflects stability, strength & skills, bursting colorful leaves signify rejuvenation, vibrancy & diversified growth amongst various therapeutic segments. Hand reaching out to the leaves signifies care and support to every life. The light blue color of LEBEN words represents health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.

With strong presence in 18 states of India, Leben Life Sciences is further consolidating its “reach” to uncovered geographies to cater the health need of every Indian.

Leben Life Sciences has many successful brands like Beclomin, Prohibin, Staphymox etc. which are ranked amongst top 10 brands in their respective therapeutic categories according to IMS audit data published from time to time. We are determined to take several other brands to similar heights in near future.

Presently, Leben Life Sciences has strong presence in various therapeutic segments. LLS has wide spectrum of products in Anti-infective category including power brands like Azileb, Cexil, Cebay, Moxileb-CV etc. In Gastroenterology segment, Leben Life Sciences has successful brands like Antagit-DS, Ultop-DSR, Prohibin etc. In Derma segment, our pioneer brand Beclomin and Enderm-GM have good market share in there respective segment. The anti-malarial category is dominated by L-ther, which happens to be one of the most economical brand of α-β Arteether & is ranked amongst top 10 (as per recent IMS data) in injectables of its respective category.


The new upcoming plant on around 1.25 Lac sq. feet area is expected to meet global manufacturing standards like MHRA-UK, TGA-Australia apart from WHO-GMP.