Our Journey & Milestones

Although approx. 70% of the Indian population lives in rural areas, access to healthcare in these areas remains a challenge. As per the 2012 McKinsey report on healthcare in India, the urban rich access healthcare at a rate that is double that of the rural poor and 50 percent more than the national average. Also, for the 300 million Indian citizens who live below the poverty line, even ordinary healthcare costs are prohibitively expensive.
Leben early on recognized this dual issue of accessibility & affordability in rural India. Leben has been working to address this issue for the last four decades by providing quality medicines for common ailments in rural India at reasonable prices. This journey was initiated with compassionate beginnings- when the first batch of medicines from Leben wasgiven free of cost to a charitable dispensary at Shirpur (Jain Pilgrimage village near Akola, Maharashtra). Today, Leben cures the ailments of Lacs of patients every year primarily in smaller towns and rural areas.
As a part of its mission to provide Responsible Healthcare to the masses, Leben has also been conducting various Healthcare Awareness Programs like Antibiotic Resistance Awareness, Patient education programs, Health-camps in rural areas etc. With Antibiotic Resistance on the rise becoming one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development as per WHO, Leben has launched this unique initiative of the Antibiotic Resistance Awareness program.
  • 1981 - Leben is established

  • 1989 - First plant is inaugurated & commenced the production

  • 2012 - Newly constructed Corporate Office & ultramodern Warehouse at Plot No.C-20/1 & C-21, MIDC, Akola activities are commenced

  • 2016 - Leben Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is formed as an independent entity

  • 2018 - The ambitious project of Leben Life Sciences Global Standard manufacturing plant is commenced

  • 2020 - Global Standard manufacturing plant is commissioned

  • 2021 - Global Standard manufacturing plant gets WHO-GMP approval

  • 2022 - Global Standard manufacturing plant gets Ethiopia, Malawi, Yemen, Cambodia & EU-GMP approval