Our Purpose

With the vision of serving the people at large with a sustainable business model, Leben was started by Mr. Haresh Shah from the city of Akola (Maharashtra) in the year 1981. In 2016, Leben Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (LLS) was formed as an independent entity under the leadership of Mr. Haresh Shah.
The word 'Leben' means 'Life' in the German Language. As it suggests, “Love for Life” has been a deep-rooted thought, since our foundation. Our logo itself reects our values and commitment to nothing but excellence. It consists of a human hand extended outwards to leaves which symbolizes “care & support to every life”. We believe that only a healthy body can enable a person to enjoy all the desiring experiences of life and be truly happy - Healthy Inside, Happy Outside.
Leben Life Sciences is today recognized as a Global pharmaceutical company responsibly providing effective, quality medicines to the masses at reasonable prices. Many of our products are household names for common ailments.
With our EU-GMP certified Global standard manufacturing plant, we are working to ensure our quality medicines reach more people & especially to those where it is needed the most.

Our Mission

To provide “Responsible Healthcare” to masses

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the Top-50 Pharmaceutical Companies in India by creating products and experiences that will reect our compassion & take our products to multitude seeking quality healthcare.